Finding my inner peace…

Lili Creations

For over a decade now, I have been working closely with newborns and toddlers, and have found that I truly had a gift regarding their upbringing and education, starting from a very young age.  I started doodling for the little ones, whatever their hearts desired, and through this, have attracted the attention of their parents.  I was approached one day by one of the mothers, by wanting to know if I sold my work.  Of course, I laughed, and said no, of course not, these are just silly little drawings for the kids to color!  Before I knew it, I was contacted by one of her family members, and offered a job to work in conjunction with her and a major international company that specialized in children’s craft for special occasions.  Naturally, I took the job, not knowing what I got myself into, but heck – it was a crazy ride!!!  And so, it all began…

I will start at the beginning of my ventures!  It all began in the summer of 2009, when I decided to involve the kids I was teaching, in some roll play, with their favorite book.  We ended up using images from the book, and made a “silent” film strip to hang on the wall.  Every lesson, we changed the story a bit, each child had their turn, in telling the story as they wished.  This is where it all began…The Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo upcloseThe Gruffalo

In 2010 I started working along with a lady that was specializing in children’s special occasions, like, baptisms, parties etc.  Every year, she would fly to Frankfurt, with her new designs, at an exhibition, for a major Children’s Clothing company, to enter and see if any of her designs would win, in order for her to be the distributor for Greece and all the islands.  Before this all happened, I spent countless hours designing, arguing, just about crying and yawning over coffee in the middle of the night and then finally, I got a design that made me very happy…and obviously, my boss too.  She enrolled my design as the final draft for the baptism boxes, that would be sold in many top clothing businesses.  Finally, after the box was made, it was sent to me, to paint and packed, ready for Frankfurt.  The news was big – I got a call from Frankfurt, that we got selected for Greece’s Baptism Design and that we were to start immediately with orders for the mainland and islands!  My two little hands could not paint fast enough – hundreds of pieces of leather was delivered to my doorstep, I painted day and night…mostly night, as I had 2 year old always peeking with her little eyes and nose over the edge of my drawing table, wanting to “help”.  The final product, well, here it is…behold, Lapin House’s 2010 summer baptism design!

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