Finding my inner peace…

Lili’s Kitchen

As a foreigner, in a country that is spiraling downwards at the speed of light, one has to come up with ideas to support oneself, other than the odd doodle on canvas! When no other work is available, the ol’ grey matter gets pushed about and kicked into gear out of boredom.  Thus, the birth of Lili’s Kitchen – not only to tickle all of the Greeks’ taste buds, but to bring back all our forgotten memories of our childhood in South Africa..

As a huge fan of food (obviously!) I thought I’d pull out the big ol’ book of family recipes and share my homemade products with you…loved, cherished and passed on from generation to generation!   Most of my recipes were granny Caroline’s, my great, great grandma, a person that was greatly respected in our family, and society.  I am so honored to be able to present her wonderful food to the world and continue the legend that she was!  I also have to mention, that there are a couple of recipes, that were passed on by a very close cousin, and also, my beloved mother-in-law, bless her soul!  Hours were spent in the  kitchen, glaring over my shoulder, well, not actually, as she was only about 5’3″ tall…so really, just standing next to me, instructing me on how to hold a spoon properly when I stir the batter (geez mom, like I don’t know!) and rolling her eyes, at my opinions on how I, thought,  things should be done, threatening to “stab” me with her knitting needles if I dared alter her recipes! hehehe…we had such laughs in that kitchen.  I will never forget her teaching me her secrets to making THE BEST milktart in the whole wide world!  I miss her dearly, but think of her every time I make a milktart, wondering if I’m still doing it the right way, or if she’s really “stabbing” me from up there, with her knitting needles and rolling her eyes!!!

soppiness aside…all of my products are made here at home with the love and care a mother gives to her child…hopefully the tradition and secrets will be passed on to my daughter one day as she is so curious in the kitchen already…trying and tasting everything!  All the grannies must be so proud, when little miss Muffet walks into the kitchen, hair tied back, hands washed, and apron worn, pulling up the step and ready to get cracking!  So, I dedicate this part of my blog…to Great-great Granny Caroline, and my beloved mother-in-law, Cilla – whom have given me the inspiration and support to peel myself off the floor and step up in life xxx

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