Finding my inner peace…


Mel’s Fingerlickingood Chili sauce!

So, starting off Lili’s Kitchen at the end of 2011, not really sure what else to do other than mom’s milktart in a country where nobody is interested in other food, other than their own syrup drenched, nut encrusted sweets and food swimming in oil, I found myself speaking to a cousin of mine back in South Africa, whom always supported me in my new ventures, especially in the kitchen!  She is a lover of hot stuff, the hotter, the better!  So she gave me a family recipe, of chili sauce – one of which I have never tasted before – it was, like she said – “finger licking good!!!”  I decided to make some samples to give out to friends.  The come-back was phenomenal!  I’ve been asked left right and center for the recipe, which of course, was a “secret”!  Orders started coming in at the speed of light – I couldn’t keep up at all!  I was selling out at the Christmas Bazaars, one after the other…so I really have to thank my cousin, and really should rename my chili sauce, to “Mel’s Fingerlickingood Chili Sauce” !


Personalized Baptism Boxes

After starting the painting of the Baptism Boxes, the lady I was working with, had her own ideas of broadening her selection of boxes…so I came up with a few fun ideas – one, of which was genius – PERSONALIZING the boxes, to the child that was to be Baptised!  Their favorite toys, colors, and of course, their names were added!  Check it out!


I started off with some T-Shirts, as a gift to some of the kids that I was teaching English to, when the mother, offered to pay for them.  Of course, it was a gift, so no money was accepted – this time!  However, I started going absolutely crazy with the t-shirts, and they sold like sweet cakes!!!

I had then ventured on to the Halloween themes, as it was just around the corner, and orders were coming in!!